entry 8 – day 165


today’s entry is mostly pulling inspiration from other content, other people’s stories and experiences, where it feels appropriate for a “less is more” approach about my perspective on life and/or recovery… and though that slightly contradicts my previous blurb in the entry for today’s jam, after reviewing the things i’m sharing today… it is a refresher in and of itself, to let these words sink in, take a step back… and maybe think more, and speak less.

funny enough, that is a saying that floats around quite freely at the meetings i’ve attended. where it’s advised by the ol’ timers, that the newbies of the program “take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth” and that sometimes the most gratifying meetings are the ones where you did not speak at all, and instead listened to everyone else and absorb their stories.

so, while pulling today’s quote from mr. shel silverstein, it instantly reminded me of a scene in a movie that i used to watch religiously, garden state. for those of you that have seen it (and if you haven’t seen it, it’s fair game to assume you live under a rock), you’ll quickly see how the quote and this scene tie together.

talk about a blast from the past, for sure.

and while this next video clip is still relative to the theme of being unique, it’s definitely more serious than it is quirky. (somebody come kick me for using that word. i loathe “quirky” but couldn’t think of a different term.)

taking yet another trip back in time, to the early/mid ’00s, this clip features the girl who inspired the to write love on her arms movement, and how important it is to remember that no matter how hard the struggle, how small you feel, how deep in the hole you might be…if you put in the work, it will get better. while the TWLOHA movement is mostly geared towards teenagers and people in their early 20’s, the message itself applies to anyone who is struggling and doesn’t believe hope or recovery is possible.

“…there’s a lot of value in the fight — it’s worth it. it’s a process; it takes time. it takes sitting through those moments — it takes fighting through the doubts and the days that you lose sight of why you’re doing this — i’m no different than anybody else. my story isn’t unique, and that’s the most amazing thing — it’s that we get to share this. we get to have community. i’m going through this and at the same time, there are thousands of other people walking through the same thing with me. we just have to worry about today, and today i’m doing good — i’m okay.”


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