entry 11 – day 177


jeezus h. christ on a fuckin’ cracker.

previous intentions and preconceived ideas for today’s entry got thrown out the window… as it turns out, the day itself had far greater plans in mind instead. earlier today, during the dwindling morning hours, a turn of events ended up giving way to unexpected opportunities that allowed for fruitful contemplation and made it possible to materialize A LOT of things i’ve been trying to purge for a while now. a (minor yet therapeutic) example being: this here blog-child finally received a DESPERATELY needed makeover as well as some fine-tuning and content shifting, and last but not least: the establishment of an extensive, open invitation.

also… BIG THINGS ARE COMING, Y’ALL. today was even better than what was previously my best day to date. today was the elusive, rainbow glitter shitting unicorn of all days, as far as my progress and recovery go.

imo, the best thing of all is — IT’S JUST GETTING STARTED. the future is looking so, SO good and i can’t wait to hurry up and slow down, just so i can really savor every moment i’m fortunate enough to experience. i hope you’ll stick around and join me, it’d mean an awful lot, and i can’t help but think we’re going to do great things (i’m looking at you, fellow recovery dudes and dudettes) i firmly believe we’re going to help change the world.

one thing that is becoming increasingly more constant in my new life is: the more the merrier.


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