jam of the day – day 199



anyway, today’s pick is “mene” by brand new.

since beginning recovery and entering a life of sobriety, this song in particular has taken on a different meaning for me. without breaking it down line by line, i hear this song as more of a challenging question rather than an angry demand. especially the lines “we walked to the edge but we never leapt, what sings to you when you disconnect?” since i quit drinking and began grabbing my depression by the horns, i’ve really had to rewire my thought process and means of dealing with difficult situations. while it will always hurt immensenly to feel everything when you’re sure the world is about to cave in on you, it is so much better to be in tune with your heart, mind, and soul, then to turn to a substance in hopes of chasing an answer and relief you’ll never find.

i have learned and accepted that it so much better to roll with the punches, than it is to alter your perception of the world around you.

over the last 14 years, brand new’s music has taken me and been with me through both heaven and hell. (naturally this album makes so much more sense looking back in retrospect.)

i could probably write novels (yes, novels, as in plural) about everything i can either:
– associate a brand new lyric, song, or album with
– how much a brand new song, lyric or album means to me

brand new is, hands down, my favorite band — and they’ll probably stay that way for as long as i live. seriously. it literally feels like just yesterday when i saw the video for “the quiet things that no one ever knows” for the first time. i was still a teenager in high school, and i was up late one night watching MTV (when they still played music videos) and i remember thinking “holy shit” about the video and the song itself. i remember buying deja entendu the day it came out…. and it’s basically been a done deal ever since : brand new 4 ever.


How does everything start and end?
Come gather now and lay this beast to rest

I kept hearing trumpets, got my hearing checked
Your father spoke a prophecy
To think that I believed is self-centered of me
There was something that I was trying to say
But then I choked on it and now it’s getting kinda late

We walked to the edge but we never leapt,
What sings to you when you disconnect

Written on the wall, the letters plain and tall,
This is my own fault
We don’t feel anything

I still cower at eternal wrath though
Don’t want my fear to become my shadow
I want to invade my thoughts, I want to die in Kyoto

The ocean never sleeps or dreams,
It never stops to ponder what it sees
Committed to its satellite, no one can move you man and no one’s ever going to try.

All the tides are married to the moon
All I want is for my heart to be as true

Written on the wall, the letters plain and tall
This is my own fault
We don’t feel anything
Not gone but fading fast
So let me put to rest
The only question that you’ll ask

We don’t feel anything

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