don’t call it a comeback

well, maybe you can, i don’t know.
i haven’t forgotten about this outlet i’ve so poorly neglected.

i’ve written tons of posts in my mind, but sadly they’ve since faded with time…
…i can say, i’ve been much more active on instagram, and find it further therepeutic since i can attach images along with thoughts and quotes, and if there’s one thing i’ll never grow tired of, it’s capturing moments and giving them further life.

in the meantime, here’s some quick links to milestones that have happened over the last 16 days:

throwback to july 2016, and how much has changed since then.

i shared a friendly reminder from my house, to yours.

as a separate part of my sober life, it was required for me to take an intensive class over the duration of three nights, and part of it included having to share my story, at length, to a room that contained only 1/6 of its students admitting to being alcoholics. the rest of them were seeminly only present due to one night’s worth of bad decisions.

i celebrated seven months of sobriety!!!

world health day was on 04.07.17 with an emphasis on depression

my daughter celebrated her ninth birthday.


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